Thursday, August 14, 2008

Look for my articles in print publications

I know the internet is cool, but don't forget to support the print publications too!

1) An interview I did will appear in the September 2008 edition of On Tap Magazine. Be sure to get a free copy at your local restaurants! I interviewed a female bartender from Va. who almost made it to the Olympic ski team. She stopped skiing due to injuries and has served drinks for 10 years at Mango Mikes. She is a neat person and her hours allow her to spend time with her children during the day.

2) Ladies, check out Canticle Magazine at It is a print publication especially for Catholic women. I'll have an article in the November/December edition for military wives who have husbands and family members deployed during the Christmas season.

Writing that article made me think of all of the girlfriends who are currently going through deployments too though. Try courtship when your man is deployed for a year! It's happening - and Gen X and Y couples are oftentimes delaying marriage until after the deployment, which is a major change from previous generations. The positive side is that these couples are proving that relationships can flourish without being physical in nature, which adds ammo to the whole cause for chastity.

3) If you miss that one, try to get a subscription to the magazine for Christmas. My tips to finding a Catholic husband will appear in the January/February edition.

What's next?

I am currently working on a piece called the "Secular Sisterhood," which is about how a lot of Catholic dating advice is producing a growing community of Catholic women who are never making it to the altar. Problem is...they say and think they are called to marriage. Stay tuned for my take on the dilemma.