Sunday, July 12, 2009

Exciting News and Summer Weddings

Book Contract!
I am about to sign a book deal with Servant Books. The book will be on Christian dating for women. Woo hoo! Servant Books has published popular Catholic authors such as Christopher West and the Hahns. I am so thrilled to be working with a professional publisher and look forward to sharing my lessons learned with you through the book.

Summer Weddings
In addition to moving into our first home this summer, my husband and I are going out of state for many weddings this season.

One of the weddings might not have happened had my husband not urged the guy to try online dating two years ago. So – if you are on the fence about online dating, and really want to find that special someone, I urge you to give it a try. Not everyone has the good fortune of meeting someone at a party or social gathering these days, so give it a shot if you are looking. Of course, be safe and meet in a public place. Remember that it is easy to open up too quickly through email and be smart…but also be open to the adventure. You may meet someone from out of town who can tell you interesting stories about a different region or country.

Reasons For Singles To Attend Weddings

Also, if you are single and not feeling too excited about attending summer weddings…get excited! I remember loathing weddings when I was single because 1) I was alone and didn’t know who to go with, 2) I was usually sad over a recent break up, 3) for some reason, watching a friend get married in the midst of my own torturous search made me over-emotional.

Now I realize that weddings are really great for singles for many reasons. For one thing, the homilist will remind you of what marriage really is and isn’t. Homilists will usually mention how marriage can be a lot of hard work and how not every day will be a great day. That’s a priceless reality check for singles in my view…especially when the bride looks stunning and the wedding day is normally a very happy occasion.

It is easy for people to think, “Oh, I won’t get married unless the person makes me deliriously happy all of the time.” The rationale is that they do not want to get married just to get married. Well, nobody will make you happy all of the time. There is usually a period in the beginning of a relationship when you have butterflies and a blissful feeling, but it’s unrealistic to expect that to be there at all times.

Attending weddings might also help you make decisive choices when it is your turn. If you attend a large, five-hour wedding reception and feel drained and like you need to press your reset button afterwards, you’ll probably want to do something different for your wedding. On the other hand, if you think it was the greatest party ever and were energized by it, you’ll know that much of your budget will go towards a large reception.

It can also help you learn things by friendly conversation rather than by lengthy research projects. For instance, the bride over the weekend chose a stunning royal blue as her accent color. The flowers at the reception were a blend of white, blue, and violet. Blue is the hardest color flower to buy. So, had I been single, and dreamed of using blue for my wedding, I might have chatted with the bride about her flowers and taken notes for myself. It could save time later!